Since 2005, Serrera out into the world of sparkling wines. Both Extra Brut as Demi-Sec are designed to the highest technical production, thus achieving high quality, style and elegance. their product of excellent wines are Chardonnay (70%), grown in Tupungato 1100. m. and Chenin high (30%) of Agrelo to 900 m. s.n.m. Both terroirs have very sandy soil and irrigated drainage with meltwater.

The process begins with a 2nd bottle fermentation fermentation or for 38 days at about 15 ° C temperature, thereby obtaining the delicate and fine bubbles. In this process using yeast brought France's Institute of Wine Champagne. The erase time is about 3 months.

The "marriage" is recommended with fish, shellfish and red meat and the operating temperature 2 ° C.